Total Babe: Stevie Nicks

Can someone please explain to me why every time I hear a Fleetwood Mac song I feel like taking all my clothes off and dancing in the rain? Also, how is Stevie such a fucking babe?

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Stevie Nicks is not human. Stevie is a magical gypsy-fairy empress who dates guys with majestic hair and then breaks their hearts. Duh. And also dresses amazingly. I’m guessing you’re wondering how you could possible ever reach the divine sense of style that comes close to Stevie’s, because I was. Lucky for you I compiled this 8 step style starter kit to guide you…[Click on pictures to start slideshow + see links]

And of course, I could not end my first post without a little playlist for you all…

Edit: I realise most of these pieces are no longer available but if you look around in the stores below, I promise you will find similar ones: